About marotape

Marotape is a Waterproof Thermoresistant masking tape designed to resist paint bleed and to be left in place, if necessary, for an extended period without affecting the substrate.

Marotape has been developed to enable it to be used on weak plaster or paint substrate, where traditional masking tapes will cause damage to the existing surface.

Marotape uses BOPP (Biaxal Oriented Polypropene Film) as the ultra thin adhesive layer, which is up to three times thinner than traditional crepe paper masking tapes. This makes the tape considerably more flexible, enabling the tape to more easily follow the contours of the existing surface on which the tape is to be applied. Suitable for timber window frames, existing plastered and decorated surfaces and baseboards.

Marotape’s unique beaded adhesive technology reduces the effect on the existing surface even after multiple applications in the same location.

Marotape leaves virtually no residue on the existing surface after removal. This is due to the minimal amount of adhesive used in the BOPP beading, whilst still ensuring virtually no bleed onto the existing painted surface. Unlike other Masking tapes,

Marotape can be left in place for up to three days before it should be removed. Even after this period the tape is still easy to remove leaving virtually no adhesive residue.
Marotape is resistant to sun, rain, and frost as well as to a lot of chemicals used during construction works. The tape does not lose its characteristics over time.

Marotape is available in 50mm and 33mm widths with rolls approximately 25m long. The tape comes in two different strengths which are determined by the pitch of the adhesive threads. The strongest tape, blue colour, has adhesive threads at 1.5mm pitch with the lower strength yellow, tape having adhesive threads at a pitch of 3mm. The stronger tape is recommended for rougher surfaces or for fixing masking paper used in spray painting.

Warning: Marotape should not be used for masking areas whilst plastering, rendering or filling.


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